Biking, hiking, yoga, swimming and walking are all favorite outdoor activities of mine! These activities are all contributing to making me stronger and able to achieve my goals!

It is extremely important to keep our muscles strong since they help support our weak joints! Bikram Yoga has really been helping in this department!

stretching it out after a long hike.

Over the last few months, I have really stepped up my game when it comes to exercising. This summer I am planning a major Road Trip and need to be as physically fit as possible. I am also even more focused on eating the right foods in order to rebuild my muscles.

I bought myself a new bike last month and have been riding it like crazy. I happen to live in a very bike friendly town with a lot of easy roads for biking. But I am always looking for challenges like soft beach sand and tall bridges. It is fun to look for new paths and new friends to ride along with me.

my new hybrid!