Living for Today: learning to heal my body through nutrition, exercise and positive thoughts! 

Faith, Hope, Courage and Strength are just some of the things you’ll need to help overcome RA! Every day is a challenge, but I am determined to heal my body in the most natural way possible!

It has been a long road getting to this point and I am only 27. This blog is a work in progress, documenting my achievements, struggles, discoveries, failures, and Hope for a pain free future!

RA Natural Way is meant to be helpful and educational for people who want to take their health into their own hands. Currently, I am on a variety of supplements to reduce inflammation in the body. Traditional doctors have been of little help to me regarding my arthritis pain. I am not interested in putting chemicals into my body or wiping out my immune system.

I am an educator, avid reader, photographer, world traveler, lover of food and eating, bargain shopper, music fanatic, swimmer and lover of the ocean.

Note: I am not a doctor. I do not have all the answers and I am learning through trial and error mostly. Research is key! We must become informed and proactive about our health!